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Written on:March 11, 2016
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Basic Public Speaking Certification Course E-book Download

Are you always scared when you are called to make a speech in public? Do you realize you run out of words just almost immediately you get on the pulpit? The Basic Public Speaking Certification Course by Dr Steve G Jones is the antidote to such experience.

Stick with me till the end of this review of Steve G Jones public speaking training course to know more about how you can get more confidence to face the public and say whatever you have to say without being scared and running out of words.

Public speakers like you who are also going through this kind of issue are now using this amazing new public speaking training activity course to get maximum attention from the multitude and even increase the level of their confidence to make people focus on them while speaking.  If you would love to become a certified public speaker like these people, you are advised to keep reading this Basic Public Speaking Certification Course review.

Note: If you want to get started with the Basic Public Speaking Certification Course training without having to read this review till the end, you can click the link below to get started. The link will direct you to Dr Steve G Jones official website where you can download a copy of the Basic Public Speaking Certification Course e-book.


What Is The Basic Public Speaking Certification Course?

The Basic Public Speaking Certification Course is an E-book filled with simple secrets of being a complete and certified public speaker. Inside this program, you will discover how you can speak publicly without being intimidated by anything around you. You will also learn how to speak not just words, but educational, informational and inspirational words that the public will be happy listening to you.

In this online public speaking training course, Dr Steve G Jones promised to teach you how to build the higher level of confidence that people will even mistake for arrogance, and this will help you speak in front of a large audience.

This training guide works for you regardless of your age or your experience. This program is designed to help you dramatically improve your public speaking ability by increasing your engagement, and boosting your energy, and also teaching you a lot of skills you need to speak successfully.

When you get started with this course, you will learn how to confidently write and deliver a powerful speech. You will also be made to understand how to get the audience engaged. You will even learn to master communication with eye contact, voice intonation, and body language. Amazingly, this course has been proven to increase your public speaking capability by increasing engagement, result-oriented tools, tips, and skills.

What you’ll learn in the Basic Public Speaking Certification Course

  • In this course, Dr Steve G Jones assures to help you build the confidence you need to stand and speak in front of a large and scary audience.
  • Dr Steve G Jones promised to help you know how to choose what to say in a simple way and also reduce the time you spend turning an empty page into a successful published presentation.
  • The Basic Public Speaking Certification Course will help you use the power of your mind and some easy-to-follow tools and techniques to eradicate the fear of public speaking that has been holding back your career.
  • You will discover a newly introduced awareness for yourself and activate a specific area of subconscious mind that can allow you to command attention automatically and impress everyone with your speech and potentials.
  • You will learn when, why, what, and how to write.
  • You will reduce the level of your anxiety, nervousness, shaky knee feelings you do get whenever you are on the pulpit.

How Does the Basic Public Speaking Certification Course work?

With this Dr Steve G Jones certification course, you’ll now have the ability to influence a large crowd confidently. This system works regardless of whether you are a C.E.O who has to present to a boardroom-sized audience, or a career public speaker that addresses an arena-sized audience.

When you learn the proven techniques in the Basic Public Speaking Certification Course e-book, you will be able to prepare content, build your own confidence, and deliver your speech with ease.

What You Get In the Basic Public Speaking Certification Course

You’ll get Dr Steve G Jones readily prepared 5 instructional videos, 5 complete books, and a professional exam that makes you a certified public speaker.

In this program, you will start your course with 5 instructional videos where it will be as if you are having a one-on-one chat with Dr Steve G Jones himself. Here, he will explain to you how to take control of any public speaking situation, improve your boldness, ability to carry the audience along, and presentation effectiveness with simple tricks you can start as soon as possible.

You will experience a different level of power when you find yourself in any room, any situation and environment where you are expected to speak. You will be able to speak with authority about anything provided you are following the laid down instructions.

About Dr Steve G Jones

Dr Steve G Jones is a Neuro-linguistic programming master trainer, American board of hypnotherapy member, National guild of hypnotists’ member, professional practitioner, educator, and the founder of the American Union of NLP. He is also a public speaker who took his time to make a research on the likely problems public speakers are facing, which is actually drawing back their career. He created this course to help you boost your confidence to be able to speak in front of any audience, regardless of how large it is.

The Advantages of the Basic Public Speaking Certification Course

  • Steve G Jones public speaking training course is guaranteed to help you become the best public speaker amongst your mates.
  • With this course, you will no more carry the fear of the crowd, but instead you will be able to control the audience and their mindset with your speech.
  • The techniques you will learn will work for you in any situation and environment.
  • This course will also help increase your writing skills.
  • The Basic Public Speaking Certification Course will help reduce the time you spend preparing your speech.
  • You get a 60 day money refund guarantee when you download the Basic Public Speaking Certification Course book, just in case you feel unsatisfied.
  • The Basic Public Speaking Certification Course download is very easy.

Cons of the Basic Public Speaking Certification Course

You will never find this course on any platform other than Dr Steve G Jones official website. The Basic Public Speaking Certification Course PDF download is not for free.


You have been held back for long by your fear and anxiety. It’s now time for you to move to the next level and take a bold step. Get started with the Basic Public Speaking Certification Course now and see how amazing your life as a public speaker will be transformed, how you will be able to control the audience and influence them. I wish you all the best!


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